RUSSIAN FAIRY TALE – BACK TO MY ROOTS … this name came to my mind when I was driving home from a special event, or let’s rather say from a milestone moment of my personal life. I immediately knew this is an inspiration and the name of my next collection of jewellery. I let it run through me while I was driving those few hours and as I arrived home, even though I was tired from the road, my pencil and sketch book were first thing I grabbed. So, my dear Freya Lupo woman, you are an essential part of my life, I feel grateful and would like to share this personal milestone with you.  My father died when I was very young and due to circumstances I never had any ties with his family. Mainly because of different paths of life. This summer my father’s mother died. My grandmother who I’d met a few years ago for the first time. All I knew was that she originated in the former Soviet Union, came to Slovenia and settled here with a family. I got the message by my cousin inviting me to the funeral and at the same time mentioning that my father’s sister, my aunt, who lives in Australia, was also coming. She deeply wanted to meet. So we met.

Now, a few months after we’ve met I can only say it was unforgettable. There is no better words to describe it. The first big surprise for me was that we immediately connected, even though this rarely happens to me at first meetings with people. Second, I learned things about me, my father and my family which came as a huge surprise to me. Because a lot of memories, feelings and thoughts finally made sense. Somehow parts came together. I will not say missing those parts in my life was unbearable, but I am surely richer now that they’ve come together. I also learned from the experience that roots are really not something that just disappears nor are they something to overlook when searching for yourself, your place, your inspiration for life and work. Who knows, perhaps my significant style, courage and grace have also take some genes from that part of the world. So, for my newest collection, Russian fairy tale, beauty and grace are the two main energies that I wanted to imbue and share with you. I know that this collection will bring you just that – grace and beauty. And inner peace as it did to me.