Meet the Designer

Behind Freya Lupo it is me; a mom, partner, designer by soul and an entrepreneur as well as visionary by energy. Each of these components is very important to me here and now. But for me as a designer there were three important milestones on my path. It actually started in my early school years. I was always designing and creating something. And it was clear I am going to continue my educational part in that field as well. So the day of my design high school admission test came ... and I missed it because I mixed up the dates ... "Sorry, can't do a thing, come back next year" was the most horrible thing a teen could ever hear at the time. A milestone for sure. I remember I cried the whole day and the thoughts of missing the whole year with my generation was just too much. So I chose another school — economics, I was told it is a good choice. So I graduated high school and the Faculty of economics and later on I became the finance controlling manager of a big world famous multinational. I liked my career and my job. Those ten years gave me priceless knowledge and experience, especially in the field of conducting a business.


And then the second milestone came — the time of my pregnancy. Maybe it was the pregnancy itself that strengthened my senses and opened my channels to evoke the sleeping parts in me. Or maybe it was just the right time. I wanted to be creative, to design again, to give some of me to the world...It was the time of searching. And it took few years before the third and most crucial milestone happened. I was invited to a birthday party and, while dressing up, no piece of jewellery seemed the right fit to accompany my "little black dress" outfit. So I just took my hand tools and started to listen to my inspiration and creativity...that XE necklace, the first piece of the Freya Lupo line, was the star of the night…


I can easily say that the designer in me loves and leverages each of the various life experiences that create my life of Freya Lupo — the designer who contributes to the beauty of the world with her creations as well as sells vision and the ability to see and understand the “big picture”. My inspiration is love for life, the beauty around us, sensuality, femininity and positive energy. So, my dear Freyas, dare to live your unique selves, who know what they want and wholeheartedly follow their passion, as I do. I am here to empower you.


Ksenja Volk