My dear Freya Lupo woman,

After my birth as Freya Lupo into the world of fashion, beauty and jewellery and the growth through my first collection, I found my inner fashion wolf-woman wanting more. More of me as a designer and more of life. My whole mind was occupied by the word »UNIQUENESS«. The pure, uncompromised uniqueness and nothing less OF EACH PIECE ITSELF, as are my Freya Lupo ladies. That was my new challenge which I really took to heart and thought about a lot.

But there I was, just one free day, subconsciously going through memories of experiencing the globe and how lucky I am to live the Freya Lupo style, the feminine powerful energy, when suddenly the very next moment everything was clear. Actually, the inspiration was in my hand, while I realized I am holding the lapis lazuli, a semi-precious stone, a memory from my amazing Brazilian experience a while ago. My mind just twirled for a few minutes in the radiance of all of the colours of the sun, the sea and the golden sands of Copacabana Beach, the easy and relaxed, »all-is-fine,-just-enjoy« state of mind. Then I realized that I am holding in my hand even more, which gave me goose bumps all over. The stone in my hand was one of a kind on Earth and each stone, actually, is embodied uniqueness. This is exactly the one thing I want to give my Freya Lupo ladies, I thought, Brazilian easiness of life, freshness, colours and sheer uniqueness – to each her own stone – to feel how precious and unique they are. See the connection? There are not even two stones alike on our planet or in the universe, each of them is carrying its own story, energy and radiance. As are you, my Freya Lupo woman, each of you unique, precious and with your unique story, calling and gift to the world.

They say stones we feel connection to have the ability to subtly change our energy and enable us to embrace our intuitive selves. This is exactly what I want for you and from you, my ladies. Listen to that voice of your inner goddess AND enjoy life. If my jewellery with a sparkle of metals and endlessly unique semi-precious stones still radiating the Brazilian free spirit can help, I’ve done my job.

I surely experienced my gem, unexpectedly it took care of me. So, BOM DIA BRASIL, bom dia, my unique beauties, let yourself be called by your earthly soul mate and shine!

livia giovanna maisa bianca aline janaina heloisa yemanya