”Do you see how easy you spot ‘Freya Lupo women‘ out of this crowd? They are so different, as if they resonate the fierceness, femininity and passion at the same time,” two women were talking beside me. I was standing at the high table, sipping champagne at this event. It was a special ladies’ night out that I visited for the first time, and I must admit there was truly a good energy in the air. So different from the normal busy everyday experience, where gentle female energy is often suppressed or overlooked. It is a bold move for a woman in this modern world to be in line with her femininity, came across my mind. ”Yes, indeed, I would have never believed it, hadn’t I felt it myself. I have her lucky charms, with her energy I feel this unique femininity, divinity, such a unique, enchanting feeling!” Divine, unique, enchanting? I couldn't help to not listen. Who is this Freya Lupo? Freya, the Norse Goddess of beauty, love and destiny. And Lupo as wolf, the mysterious creature of the night?

And then I saw her. I immediately knew it was her entering the room. This graceful blonde, so tiny, yet surrounded by energy larger than life. You could instantly feel that special harmony of fierceness, femininity and passion the ladies were talking about. I have to say I was really impressed, even remembered this teenage feeling of looking up to that high school girl who was adored as being the smartest and most beautiful of them all.

”Come, meet my Freya,” my friend hooked me under the arm and took me to spend the rest of the evening engaging in girl talk.

I will never forget her empowering words: ”I feel I am here for the reason to evoke us, women. My hands do that with jewellery. You can say so many things with it. Nothing makes me feel more creative than this endless world of design possibilities in connection with this ancient symbol of femininity and beauty. Well, not to forget, being wife and mother is quite a creative thing too.” We laughed and knew what she was talking about. But it acquired a completely new dimension. It felt a divine power to be a woman.

She embodied this kaleidoscope of all of the raw and ancient feminine powers. I learned that she was bold enough to listen to her inner calling and after many years ended her Finance career in one of the biggest world companies to start designing jewelry from scratch. Her drive is to inspire and bring the special beauty to women of today, so that we can connect with this missing piece of us that is being fully woman, which is so many times left for the last. Yet, she believes, the calling is always there... even if very deep inside, it just needs to be tickled a bit.

It was a pleasurable experience talking with this urban shamanness, the wild siren with top chic style. This person that belongs to and feels at home among high society, yet gracefully and equally comfortably wears a training suit and has her hands full of crayons, colouring with her children. She understands and knows that intuition is a woman’s biggest asset and knows how to use it. For also being her man’s muse, who he adores and is thankful for her jing to his jang. No ego, only love and compassion, floating on the wind of life with this special strength of an urban wild woman. With peace in her soul and connection to her inner self, without needing outer approval. Goddess, femme fatale, muse, siren, call it what you like, this is the experience Freya Lupo jewelry gives to her ladies.

That’s how it happened for me. So, now, knowing the feeling, I put on my Freya Lupo and unleash the power of my wild woman, graceful beauty and fearless life warrior.

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